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Recherche et publications


Issouf SOUMARÉ, Gaston GOHOU, Hugues KOUADIO & Janvier NKURUNZIZA. FDI and Economic Development in Africa.

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Articles sur les marchés financiers africains

Stephany GRIFFITH-JONES, Issouf SOUMARÉ, Victor MURINDE, Judith TYSON & François A. B. Capital Flows and Productivity in Africa: The Angel is in the Details, Working Paper, 2018.

Désiré KANGA, Victor MURINDE, Lemma SENBET & Issouf SOUMARE. Bank Lending and Competition in WAEMU Banking System: Does Cross-border Banking Increase Firms’ Access to Finance? Working paper, 2018.

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Désiré KANGA, Victor MURINDE & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Capital, Risk and Profitability of WAEMU Banks: Do Foreign Ownership and Cross-border Banking Matter? Working paper, 2017.

Sionfou Seydou COULIBALY, Lewis Landry GAKPA & Issouf SOUMARÉ. The Role of Property Rights in the Relationship between Capital Flows and Economic Growth in SSA: Do Natural Resources Endowment and Country Income Level Matter? African Development Review(forthcoming).

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Mamadou S. BALDÉ, Nabil KHOURY & Issouf SOUMARÉ. L’hétérovariance des Prix du pétrole brut et l’efficacité de la couverture à l’aide des contrats à terme boursiers: Cas des importations guinéennes. Cahiers de recherche de la ChaireDesjardins de gestion des produits dérivés (#02-2005).

Articles sur la finance islamique

Jocelyn GRIRA, M. Kabir HASSAN, Chiraz Labidi & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Equity Pricing in Islamic Banks: International Evidence, Working Paper,

Mohamed BELKHIR, Jocelyn GRIRA, M. Kabir HASSAN & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Islamic Banks and Political Risk: International Evidence, Working Paper,

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Articles sur la microfinance

Hélyoth T.S. HESSOU, Issouf SOUMARÉ & Hubert TCHAKOUTE TCHUIGOUA. MFIs’ Capital Adjustment over the Cycle: An International Perspective, Working Paper, 2018.

Hélyoth T.S. HESSOU, Robert LENSINK, Issouf SOUMARÉ & Hubert TCHAKOUTE TCHUIGOUA, Provisioning in MFIs: An International Perspective, Working Paper, 2017.

Issouf SOUMARÉ & Hubert TCHAKOUTE TCHUIGOUA. Loan Officer Power and Microfinance Institutions’ Outreach and Portfolio Quality: An International Perspective, Working Paper, 2016.