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Training programs


General public training: designed to popularize and demystify many financial concepts


Initial trainingdesigned essentially for beginners in finance


Specialized training: designed to provide participants with permits and certifications in finance (broker-dealer, financial planner, investment counsellor, risk manager and other financial specialists)


Diploma training: offered in partnership with regional and international training institutions


Tailor-made trainingbased on specific demand from customers

All these trainings are delivered with intensive use of information technologies (webinar, distance learning, e-learning, MOOCs…).

Specialized training in finance

Financial market and securities exchange: Organization and functioning

This training will review the overall architecture of financial markets (money, bonds, stocks and derivatives), the role of market participants, the functioning of a stock exchange with its infrastructures and compartments (stocks and bonds), IPOs and secondary market listing.

Investment choice and financing decisions in firms

This training will familiarize participants with modern financial valuation tools used to assess investment projects and financing strategies using available financial products and instruments, particularly those available in a stock exchange.

Portfolio management

This training module will introduce participants to the concept of securities portfolio management and tools to optimize the portfolio. The training will review the different opportunities offered by the national and regional financial markets for portfolio diversification, particularly for institutional investors, brokerage-dealer firms, retirement pension funds and insurance companies.

Islamic finance

This training will familiarize participants with the underlying principles of Islamic finance and the functioning of Islamic financial instruments and markets.

Financial risk management

This training will introduce the participants with state-of-the-art techniques for risk management and risk assessment. It will review the key financial risks faced by banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Recent developments in risk management, such as the revised Basel III regulations for banks, will be discussed.