Words of the founder

A well-functioning financial environment enhances financial access for households, firms and governments. This leads to more wealth creation by the economic agents, and hence, is conducive to harmonious and sustainable economic development environment of States. To that end, Prof. Issouf Soumaré, with over 20 years of experience in finance, has initiated and participated in several initiatives on Africa (Initiatives Soumaré). The aim of these benevolent initiatives is to contribute to the development and popularization of finance on the African continent.

These benevolent initiatives led to the creation of the current Institute Soumaré of finance, hereafter The Institute. The Institute Soumaré, a not-for-profit organization, is a comprehensive framework for capacity building and knowledge sharing on finance. The profits generated by the Institute, through its different activities, will be reinvested in different initiatives to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Institute.

Professor Issouf Soumaré, PHD, ISE, ASC
Founder of the Institute Soumaré of Finance