Komi GLIGBÉ, PhD: Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Dr. GLIGBE is a multidisciplinary expert. He is a Sociologist, Senior Manager of Development Programs and Projects, Private Security Officer and former Canadian Forces Officer with a Ph.D. and two Master’s in Sociology, another Master’s in Management of International De-velopment and Humanitarian Action from Laval University (Quebec, Canada). He completed five specialization trainings with the Peace Operations Training Institute in the fields of the UN Civilian Service, Gender Awareness, Human Rights, UN Military Studies and UN Police Studies. With more than 20 years of professional experience in Africa, Caribbean and North America, his expertise covers: Community and Rural Development, Microfinance, Pro-grams/Projects Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Capacity Building, Stra-tegic Planning, Results Based Management (RBM), Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Ops, Gender Mainstreaming, Security, Safety, Surveys, Teaching and Research.

He worked as International Consultant for mapping Civil Society Engagement Financing Mechanisms for the African Development Bank (2020); ″Training of the administration sen-ior staff in project design, monitoring and evaluation″ (African Development Bank-AfDB Dji-bouti, 2020); Developing a strategy for mobilizing funding from the private sector to sup-port Niger in its efforts to adapt to the effects of climate change (UNDP Niger, 2020–2021); Community development expert: “Writing of the implementation manuals of the Integrat-ed Community Development Project in Burundi in particular, 1) Project Implementation Manual, 2) Administrative Procedures, financial and accounting Manual, 3) Procurement Procedures Manual and, 4) M&E Manual” (World Bank-IDA / National Refugee Office – ON-PRA), Burundi (July-Oct 2020). Dr GLIGBE was in charge of drafting the PIM and quality con-trol of the M&E Manual; Principal Head of Mission: Study on the elaboration of a strategy for negotiations / mobilization of resources for the local administrative authorities on be-half of the Climate Change and Flood Risks Management Project (PGICI) in Mali (2019-2020); International Consultant for the Outcome Evaluation of the UNDP/UN Women Joint Project Strengthening the Rule of Law in Liberia: Addressing Pre-trial Detention and Rolling Out Community Policing – 2018-2019 (Oct-Nov 2019); Principal Head of Mission for the Final Evaluation of the Project Truth, Justice and National Reconciliation in Burkina Faso (UNDP/PBF, 2019), and for the Evaluation of the Impact Baseline of the activities of the In-dependent Anti-Corruption Bureau of Madagascar (UNDP/PBF, 2019); Peer-Reviewer, Coun-try Resilience and Fragility Assessment (CRFA) with regard to Security issues in all 54 African countries under the leadership of AfDB, Oct-Dec 2018. He was also: Evaluator to Conduct the Terminal Evaluation for the SDGs Trust Fund ‟Farm to Table” organic farming Project with Women in Business Development Incorporated in Samoa (UNDP, 2018); Expert in The-ory of Change and Focal Point for the project of Implementation of an integrated infor-mation platform for programming, budgeting and monitoring and evaluation of Public In-vestment Programs & Projects of Guinea (2017 – 2018), UNDP and AfDB funded; CESS Insti-tute support staff for the Independent Evaluation of the UNDAF-Togo 2008-2013/2014-2018; Mission Coordinator with CESS Institute for the Mali – Economic Governance Support Project (PAGE)/ Mali Investment Promotion Agency, Directorate General of Taxation, and National Directorate for Estate and Land Registry in conducting Studies on the business le-gal, fiscal and economic environment of Mali (since Feb 2017), AfDB funded; United Nations Consultant, UNV Educational Planner in Trinidad and Tobago (2006-2008); Senior Consultant for the Evaluation of the Small Business Sector (Crafts) in Côte d’Ivoire (2008) and the Mi-crofinance Sector in Benin (2009); Project Coordinator for UNICEF Water Supply and Sanita-tion Projects (1995-1999) and Program Officer on the European Development Funds for micro-projects (1999). He collaborated in the 2005 Poverty Reduction Strategy Report of UNFPA-Benin.

Dr. GLIGBE has been Lecturer at Laval University (Canada) for the courses “Economic Sociol-ogy”, “Sociology of the Black Africa”; Research & Teaching Assistant for the courses “Third World Societies and Globalization”, “Africa, Latin America and Globalization”, “China, India and Globalization”, “Political sociology”. He is fluent in French and English.

Country Experience: All 54 African countries with effective field mission in: Benin, Burkina Faso, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Ghana, Guinée, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali, Samoa, Liberia, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, USA.

Mr. GLIGBÉ is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the INSTITUTE SOUMARÉ OF FINANCE.