Sosthène FRONDO: Senior Consultant, Information Technology Engineer

Mr. FRONDO is a computer engineer with nearly 10 years of professional experience. He participated in the design of the architecture and implementation of the IT system of the Agricultural Commodities Exchange of Côte d’Ivoire (Bourse des Matières Premières Agricoles de Côte d’Ivoire -BMPA CI) and its interconnection with the Clearing House (Chambre de Compensation Agricole), the warehouse receipt system (Autorité de Régulation des Récépissés d’Entreposage) and the commercial stakeholders (Brokers, Settlement Banks…).

In 2019 with the company GENE6, he implemented an IT system for network monitoring and incident management and developed procedures to manage IT projects, system administration, and user support.

From 2018 to 2019, within Touch Solutions CI, he held the positions of Operational Support Manager and Technical Support Manager where he respectively Manage and animate a group of operational support and the technical support department, analyze the quality of services rendered to users, define procedures to implement the support process, coordinate support projects, help identify and analyze incidents / malfunctions described by users, manage IT projects and systems integration, ensure the management of the infrastructure, set up reporting tools, optimize support procedures, collect information to improve the technological environment or software functionalities, ensure the proper use of knowledge bases.

As a subsidiary manager for network, system and security support at Atlantic Microfinance for Africa from 2016 to 2018, he participated in the implementation of CITRIX and TSplus for the use of the Perfect banking system and in the design of an automated digital canvas and dashboard system in the 10 branches that the structure had. His experience in this company allowed him to pilot the electronic banking project of dematerialization of transactions at the cash desk and the system of payment of due dates by mobile money.

In 2014 he succeeded in computerizing an entire work system in a company and implemented a scalable ERP to meet the needs of this company. Long before that, he worked for a firm and developed a project of plant data collection on hydroelectric dams of the CIE and an automated dashboard management.

In short, Mr. FRONDO is a computer engineer who has managed and participated in several IT projects.

Mr. FRONDO is a senior consultant for the INSTITUTE SOUMARE OF FINANCE since 2020.